Boston Box Office: This weekend’s films

Whether you fancy yourself a learned film buff, or simply enjoy munching handfuls of buttery popcorn during the latest summer flick, this weekend’s Boston Box Office has you covered. In the mix we got street cars, baby dolls, a thin man and some seriously inglorious bastards. Let’s begin.

Over at Harvard’s Film Archibaby doll filmve, they continue with all things Elia Kazan, namely Baby Doll!

Baby Doll revolves around the sexploits of a Southern “white trash” girl who still sleeps in a crib, and serves as the object of desire for a wealthy Southern man and his Sicilian rival.

Baby Doll shows Friday at 7PM, followed by another Kazan classic Boomerang! at 9:15PM.

On Saturday, there’s  A Street Car named Desire and Viva Zapata, also at 7PM and 9:15PM.

Sunday, they play just A Face in the Crowd at 7PM.


For all you Bollywood boosters out there, you can head over to the Capitol Theater and check out Bombay Cinema‘s latest localization, Kaminey (Friday @3PM, 6PM, & 9PM).

The film follows a set of identical twins trying to make it out of the slums, and the trailer makes it look awesome! Check it out:

The Thin Man

The Brattle Theater will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of The Thin Man series, showing the filmic serials all weekend long.

For those unfamilar, The Thin Man was a series of six films which revolved around the comic detective hijinks of a witty married couple.

If you buy tickets before 4 PM on Friday, you can see all of these classics for just 34 bucks!

Inglorious BastardsAnd finally, if the classics aren’t your thing, you can always check out Quentin Tarantino’s newest film, Inglorious Bastards, which debuts tonight.

The film is actually a remake, and is about Jewish soldier fear-mongers who aim to intimidate Nazis by brutally killing and scalping them.


For a list of showtimes and listings around Boston, click here.

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