Boston Bike Riders Hope To Legalize Riding In Franklin Park

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Boston-area bike riders will gather today to prepare a formal request to legalize biking in Franklin Park. While the ban on bikes isn’t generally enforced, officially allowing bikes in the area will provide a wider audience with an opportunity to utilize the space. Area biking groups Dot Bike, Rozzie Bikes, and JP Bikes will meet on the bike path today to measure the path’s width, therefore gathering the official data that demonstrates the area is capable of having multi-use paths. Once they have sufficiently measured the area, the group will prepare a formal request and submit it to the Parks Department.

The reason the parks department still outlaws biking on the path isn’t obvious to the community. Franklin Park was created by Frederick Law Olmstead, most widely recognized as the innovator behind Manhattan’s Central Park, in the late 1800’s. The law that prohibits biking has also existed since the late 1800’s, when the cycling craze crossed the Atlantic and resulted in a boom of cycling clubs dominating the area. Currently, the Franklin Park Coalition is not opposed to raising the ban on bikes, and the group is working with biking advocates to ensure the area is made available to an even greater population.

Avid bike riders in the area recognize the conditions aren’t currently ideal for riding. Elisa Kreisinger, 23, of Cambridge, tells us “The streets are too busy, and the bike path has no lights. The path is windy, and you can’t see it.” If the Parks Department officially gets rid of the ban on bikes in the area, the groups can hopefully move towards making the area more user-friendly.

Those who are interested in helping to measure Franklin Park are invited to meet at the golf clubhouse at 5:30 today, September 8th, and Sunday, September 13th from noon until 12:30.

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