Toys R Us Giraffe dies in Boston Zoo

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The giraffe that once starred in TV commercials for Toys R Us and appeared in Jim Carrey’s “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” has died at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

The Giraffe, named Tweet, was 18 years old and had no known health problems, and at the time of his death producers were filming for the new Kevin James movie “The Zookeeper.”

American Humane, an animal welfare group that oversees animal treatment on movie sets say Tweet collapsed while being fed by a handler. Tweet was 18-year-old with no known health problems, and he didn’t belong to the zoo.

PETA, an animal rights defense league, now claims it  received a tip from someone at the zoo alleging that Tweet died due to neglegence, and that the giraffe ingested copious amounts of the blue tarp which was covering his enclosure.

A necropsy was performed immediately after the giraffe’s death, and a spokeswoman for American Humane said it was performed by “two experienced veterinarians who found nothing abnormal in the giraffe’s mouth, throat, stomach or any other organs during the procedure.”

But even while American Humane says there was no mistreatment, PETA has called for a full investigation.

“We’re not surprised by this, and think it’s further evidence that using animals in this way is simply inappropriate and wrong for so many reasons,’’ said a PETA spokeswoman.

American Humane issued a counter statement, claiming it could “attest to the animal’s proper treatment and positive training and handling during the production.”

A full investigation is pending by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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