Warm Weather is Coming! Warm Weather is Coming!

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After a few tantalizing weeks of back and forth weather, when 50 degree days segued straight into snow, it’s finally happened. For the first time since maybe November, Boston had a truly nice weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday saw temperatures peak in the mid 50s, and with ample sunshine pouring down, it finally felt good to be outside.

That’s not to say the past few months have been horrendous. Winter had its moments, the occasional snowstorm brightening the otherwise drab, frigid days. And everyone had at least one holiday to celebrate, whether it was Christians gleefully unwrapping gifts on Christmas, or alcoholics counting away the decade’s last minute with slurps of spiked nog.  Ah, the warm memories—what remains of them.

But winter pales in comparison to spring, both in excitement and color tone.  The last remnants of gray slush have melted away, revealing grass that, while mainly an unhealthy yellow from its months deprived of sunlight, is still a more pleasant sight than winter’s frozen, frosted blades. Even the asphalt looks warmer and more inviting now, the potholes and cracks no longer ringed white with salt, that unmistakable sign of dry, frigid air.

Like Democrats the day after Scott Brown’s victory, Bostonians confronted the warm weather with a mix of bewilderment and trepidation; surely warm weather was on the way, but the sudden shift from freezing to pleasant still came as a surprise. Yet comprehension was quick in coming (we can walk outside again without shattering our toes!), and soon the parks were flooded with restless citizens eager to enjoy the warmth.

On Saturday in Stanley Ringer Park, at least four groups of Frisbee players claimed space around the craggy hilltop. Another group further down the hill languorously twirled hula hoops around their waists and arms. Basketballs whanged off the backboards below, while the less athletically inclined sprawled in the sun, drinking openly, boisterously, from paper bags, the gorgeous day suppressing any fear of arrest.

Knowing New England, this past weekend was only a teaser, a glimpse only of the weather to come. By Friday, we’ll probably have more snow. Lots of it. Then the week after, maybe a fiery meteor shower (not the fun to watch kind) or an onslaught of synchronized tornadoes.

So what’s the lesson to be learned from this unpredictable, though certainly enjoyable, weather? Enjoy it while it lasts: a monsoon might be on the way.

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  1. TheBostonBlog says:

    There are still a couple of days left of “good” weather. The kids were out on the bikes this weekend. The playgrounds were no longer ghost towns. Boston is a great walking town too. You have to be careful about overdoing it though if you haven’t been getting much exercise…

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