Fall Classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education

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Sure you should probably go back to school for that second degree or get that certification for work that your boss is always pressing you for, but hell, that costs tons of money, it’s a lot of work and it just isn’t fun. Why not enrich yourself as a person, and not as a worker bee, diving into passions as yet untapped?

bcae3Fall is a wonderful time of reflecting on who we are and how we spend our time.  Why not spend some after work hours at the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) meeting some new folks and sharing a joy for the “other things” in life. Whether you want a good excuse to sip on some fabulous scotch, the push to get you writing again or a chance to finally learn how to do more than just the doggy paddle in the pool, the BCAE has ample opportunities.

Classes fall under the following headers: Arts, Food/Wine, Culture, Growth, Fitness/Recreation, and Language.  The choice beneath those headers are so varied and vast, you may be surprised by what you might uncover.  Some personal favorites include:

  • Growing Great Garlic.  This may seem like a random class, but nearly every good dish begins with garlic.  Having some good fresh stuff at your finger tips can be a fabulous opportunity.
  • Look at a House with an Inspector’s Eye.  I am a HGTV junkie, but am perpetually irritated by folks squawking over easy fixes like the color of a room, or the style of a bathroom fixture.  Knowing that the roof won’t leak, the electrical system won’t short and the furnace won’t conk out in February seem more important to me, don’t you think?
  • Italian for Travelers.  If you learn the language well enough to travel, then you just have to go.  And I am all for any excuse to travel to Italy.
  • Comic Book Art: Heroes and Monsters.  I know there must be hundreds of life-long comic book doodlers throughout greater Boston, and this sounds like a perfect opportunity to use that talent for good instead of evil.
  • Stand-Up Comedy.  Are you that guy or girl everyone is always saying, “You should do stand up” to.  Well, before you try out an open-mic, this is a great chance to give it a go and see how it feels.  If it feels funny, then, I guess that’s a good sign.
  • International Vegetarian Cuisine. Even if you are not a vegetarian, we all need to eat our veggies.  This a great way to not only make those same old veggies new and exciting, but to discover some of those other items in the produce department that you might just look at and think, “What do I do with that?”
  • Polo.  Simply because it would be cool to tell your friends, “Sorry, I can’t make it.,  I have to go to my polo lesson tonight.”

Many classes occur at the BCAE headquarters at 122 Arlington Street (between the Mass Pike and the Park Plaza Hotel) or the YMCA Centralbcae2Branch, but many off-site classes are held as well, based on the curriculum.  Classes can range from a one time session to 8 weekly sessions and costs also vary, but are, for the most part, quite reasonable. And, if you don’t see anything that gets you all giddy to sign up this time around, check back for their winter offering.  Classes change quite a bit from season to season.

Membership packages are also available, starting at $75 for an individual.  Memberships are for one-year and offer discounts on classes as well as at many attractions throughout the city.


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