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Dear Blog Readers:

couponqueenThe Directory of Boston blog provides you access to coupons in a variety of categories from Dining and Groceries, Health Fitness and Hotel Travel just to name a few. We work with local Boston Area businesses to not only help you get a good deal but to also make sure you check out the richness of products and services offered by businesses located near you. Check back often as we are always updating our coupon pages.

Dear Boston Area Businesses:

The Directory of Boston offers coupon pages for several different categories. These are separate coupon pages are in addition to the coupon you can show on your directory listing page when you list your business with us.

Consumers love to shop with coupons and placing your coupons on our blog will attract customers that might not find you directly through your main directory listing. Yes, potential customers as well as repeat customers who will come back time and again to find out what specials your business is offering next.

You may purchase as many coupons as you like in your choice of categories. Currently we can update your coupons monthly but we will be allowing you access to update your coupons whenever you want shortly through the admin area.

As you can see, the Directory of Boston really is different from most ordinary local search directories. We offer a variety of ways for you to promote your business and bring you happy customers that will last a lifetime.

Coupon Template…

The template standard size and shape must be maintained but you can replace much of the information to reflect your own business and coupon details:

  • Add your own 90×75 image in the upper left as well as replace the text in the upper right with your own 2 line header and 3 lines of coupon details.
  • In bottom left section, replace 4 lines of text with your own website address, limitations, expiration date and coupon code. You will need to include the and the DOB at the end of your coupon code for identification purposes.
  • Bottom right side section replace the 4 lines of text with your own business information.

We are offering this service free of charge on an introductory basis as we grow this new Boston Area hub. Please use our contact us form and email us with the subject line “coupon” and we will get back to you either by phone or email to gather the details of your coupon offer.

See the example below for an idea of just how your coupon will look…

Exclusive: $20 off $250 purchase
Offer only available online.
Restrictions apply. Enter coupon code during checkout.
Only One Coupon per Purchase
Expires: 06-31-2009
Code: 500DOB
ACME Business, Inc.
333 Your Street
Your Town, USA. 000000