Boston’s Summer Theater Offerings 2012

Totem Cirque Du Soleil BostonWhile there may not be anything quite like a summer respite from the heat in the cool enclave of a city movie theater, perhaps you are looking for a retreat a bit more engaging, enlightening or even more entertaining. If Broadway beckons you but a trip to Times Square frightens you, remember that Boston has its own bustling Off Broadway scene, often with the same shows destined for or fresh off the biggest stages in New York. So why not try a little song and dance whether you are looking to romance a certain someone, escape from your everyday outings or just for a sheer love of the theater.

Ah, so where to begin? If you have yet to really try the theater but consider yourself a movie buff your first show could perhaps be Billy Elliott, based on the feature film showing July 24 – July 31 at the Boston Opera House, featuring a score by Sir Elton John. It claims to have it all – a little song, a little dance, tear jerking scenes and uplifting exhilaration. So surely a full range of emotions are to be had. Tickets are available at Broadway in Boston.

Or, you may be a fan of the circus. An easy transition for you is easily Cirque du Soleil, the artistic acrobatic masters. Totem is currently running at the Marine Industrial Park through July 29. A loose lesson on evolution is the theme of the show illustrating early man into modern times. Or, should you be more of a Michael Jackson aficionado, wait until August for the Michael Jackson: The Immortal tribute show at the TD Garden, which runs for just two days August 3 & 4. Get your Totem tickets or Michael Jackson The Immortal tickets online.

If you are more into the world of sports entertainment, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity by Company One at The Boston Center for the Arts makes its Boston debut on July 28 and runs through August 25. The story follows Mace, a really good professional wrestler, though not a champion, and the new talent he discovers in Brooklyn whose charisma rivals that of a champion. The video below for the show certainly shows that real wrestling action is well embedded into this performance. Get tickets at the walk up box office, online, or by calling 617.933.8600.

But maybe you hate to plan anything and like to make things up as you go along. Then Lost in Boston at the Improv Asylum is a perfect fit for you. Alternatively named Dating Game of Thrones, this is a show that promises to be unique at every viewing. The NXT Theater group putting on each show promises a, “wicked good summah” for locals and tourists alike. Shows are running Sunday nights now through September 2 and Wednesday evenings beginning July 11 through September 5. Tickets can be purchased at the box office, by phone at 617.263.6887 or online.

An interesting look behind the scenes of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity and the “acting” world of wrestling:


Boston Opera House, Downtown Crossing 539 Washington St., Ladder District, Boston
Boston Marine Industrial Park, Waterfront, South Boston
TD Garden, 100 Legends Way, West End, Boston
Boston Center for the Arts, Roberts Theatre, Calderwood Pavilion, 539 Tremont St., #2, South End, Boston
Improv Asylum, 216 Hanover St., North End, Boston

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