Midnight Monster Madness all Month at the Coolidge

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The leaves are turning, pumpkin beer is on tap, and classic horror is back at the Coolidge for a month of gory slashers and quotable cult flicks that are more likely to make you pee your pants from laughing than from fear.

Tonight the theatre will screen “Return of the Living Dead,” a self aware catastrophe in which the zombies don’t groan the obligatory “brains” so much as they whine it, like a taunt. Directed by Dan O’Bannon, whose wide breadth of writing credits include ‘Alien’ and the ‘AVP’ series, the movie tells the story of a pack of survivors who swap some brain munching quips while developing a combat strategy gleaned from their familiarity with George A. Romero’s original “Night of the Living Dead.”

The showing tonight is the latest installment in J. Cannibal’s Feast of Flesh series and will also feature performances by Boston based horror band Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys, and The Black Cat Burlesque, a troupe whose performers strip not just their clothes but their skin and guts as well. And, as always, the movie will be preceded by a zombie costume contest, complete with prizes for the undead who most wow the crowd.

On Oct. 9, the theater is scheduled to screen the slapstick epic ‘Amy of Darkness.’ With a chainsaw hand and a devil may care attitude, Bruce Campbell travels back in time to fend off the undead in a medieval world of sidesplitting terror.

One week later, as part of an ongoing series celebrating John Carpenter’s greatest, is ‘They Live,’ a terrifying tale of alien overlords—disguised as humans—who maintain their supremacy with subconscious propaganda encouraging passivity. The only way to see through the aliens’ ruse? Sunglasses—enormous, black plastic sunglasses. All Hell breaks loose when the unnamed protagonist runs out of bubblegum to chew and is forced to kick ass instead. The movie runs both Friday Oct. 16, and Saturday Oct. 17.

The Carpenter series continues with ‘Prince of Darkness’ Oct. 23, 24 and culminates with ‘The Thing’ Oct. 30.

October—being the spookiest month by far—then closes out with the annual Halloween Horror Marathon. This year’s double feature: a 1988 remake of ‘The Blob,’ and ‘Night of the Creeps.’ In the latter, a college campus is overrun by an alien parasite. When the boys show up for their dates, they’re not looking to dance; they’re looking for brains.

Also scheduled this month is a Michael Jackson sing-a-long tribute. Though not billed as a night of horror, a theater full of off-key people howling along to Michael’s singles place cannot be anything but terrifying. Nothing against the music, it’s just impossible to get two people, let alone two hundred, to sing pleasing renditions of such vocally complex material.

Admission varies. Check the Coolidge Corner Theater’s website for specific events. Midnights tend to fill up quick, so get there early if you want a good seat.

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