Is Big Papi’s Restaurant Moving to Boston?

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This past summer driving on Route 9 in Framingham my family and I passed what used to be Big Papi’s Grille.  If you didn’t know it closed down back then because of rumored lack of business.  I always did find that it was an “interesting” location for that type of celebrity restaurant.  If you look at the owners of the Jerry Remy restaurants you see that the restaurants are located near higher traffic areas that are more likely to include tourists.  I believe the existing locations are still Fenway, Seaport Boston and the Logan Airport location.

The website for Big Papi’s Grille does have a message that they are looking to move to a Boston location but I can’t find anything indicating that they have found one yet.  There might have been more enthusiasm if the Red Sox had not collapsed this year.  Rumors also abound that Big Papi may not be resigned if he is looking for a long contract.

David Ortiz did have a bounce back performance this year so given that he is a fan favorite there may be hope for his return.  He has also expressed interest in coming back so we shall see.

Here is video tribute to bring you back to better times for the both the Red Sox and Big Papi:

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