Boston Summer Libation Picks 2012

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Summer Cocktails in Boston

Photo from Woodward Facebook page. Photo credit Michael Blanchard Photography

There is nothing like the heat of summer in the city to help you work up a thirst. And when you are looking to quench your thirst with a drink of the alcoholic variety, the choices are many.  So consider the following while making your selection: look for a creative set of mixologists that know the basics well, a spot with an atmosphere that puts your mind at ease and company that makes the woes of the world melt away.  Here are a few ideas we have for Boston locations that tend to possess all three…


The name truly says it all. Perhaps this is not the rooftop or terrace city sloshing spot one might expect in a tale of summer sipping (or slurping) but there is so much right about Drink it simply can’t be pass up.
For starters, it is located in Fort Point, the hippest of re-found Boston neighborhoods. The focus here is on the bar with food a secondary accompaniment. The bartenders are knowledgeable, entertaining to watch at their craft and reassuringly confident in their mixing skills.

But perhaps the best part, aside from that first luscious sip, is that there are no drink menus. It harkens back to the days when bartenders got to know their patrons and recommended drinks based on what they knew they would enjoy… so refreshingly retro.

Drink is located at 348 Congress St, Boston


The look, feel and taste of Woodwards at the Ames Hotel is clean, fresh and vibrant. Equal parts feminine and classic masculine in style, this spots handles the classics with grace but really shines with New England inspired or derived newbies.  Bully Boy Distillers, Naragansett Beer and Boston bitters all make there way into the neuvo-chic drink menu. Score a super comfy seat outside and enjoy the breeze that flows down the brick paved walkway it abuts, overlooking a slice of historic Boston.

The hardest drink not to order is easily the Skip & Go Naked.  How can you resist asking for that at the bar?  It consists of Plymouth gin, Woodward ale & lemon juice. Perfect.  Just be careful not to have too many or this drink may live up to its name…

Woodward is located at the Ames Hotel, 1 Court St., Boston

Citizens Public House & Oyster Bar

Featuring swizzles, smashes and long cocktails – even if these mixes weren’t so delightful to taste they certainly would still be fun to order. They even have cocktails on tap!! And with 150 whiskeys available along side their own cocktail twists and turns, some of the best oysters available in town, and a chance to experience a real pig roast inside the city’s borders, everything goes down extra smooth and nice at Citizens.

Best bets, especially if you are opting for a pig roast with a group of friends, is clearly the punch bowls for four. With three to choose from, however, it may be a bit hard to decide… choice are The Sticky Wicket, Modern Tea Punch & the Champagne Julep.  Hmm…. Hard to turn down the refreshment of mint on a steamy city day in the summertime.  We’ll have to opt for that.

Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar is located at 1310 Boylston St., Boston


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