Celtics Shaquille and Davis in it Together Now

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Shaquille and Davis Battle it Out

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The Celtics are introducing Shaquille O’Neill today in Waltham.  I don’t know about you but given the dramatic difference in play when Perkins was out in Game 7 of the finals I for one am happy to have as many good  “back up” players as possible.  Earlier this year there was some controversy over whether Glen Davis otherwise known as Big Baby actually intentionally hurt Shaq by doing something to his thumb.  I have looked at some of the footage on the incident and I have to say only they truly know what happened because I couldn’t tell.

Either way both Davis and Shaq are going to have to adjust to their new roles as team mates.  When it comes to any sports signing in Boston you will definitely get a broad range of opinions.  As many people who welcome the NBA Championship winning player there are as many who think his best days are behind him and he may be more of a hindrance than an asset.  Only time will tell.

He does seem to be a fit for the veteran team he has around him with the Celtics Big 3 coming back.  As a player who is at the end of his career he seems ready to play a role of back up and start when needed and if he can actually earn that right on occasion.  We also have the O’Neal versus O’Neal factor with the assumption that Jermaine O’Neal will be the starter at this point.

Shaq’ s intentions and attitude will become clearer as the actual playing begins.  Will he be able to adjust and adapt?  No matter what is said in the Press Conference today we won’t be able to say whether this is the right move until then.  As I am writing this he seems to be saying all the right things.

Here are some press release highlights courtesy of cssne.com

Here is an interview by NECN after the press conference:

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