Chris Evans – Boston’s Own SuperHero

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you odds are you know that the greatly anticipated movie The Avengers is opening this weekend.  You may not know that Captain America was actually born in Boston and raised in the western suburb of Sudbury, Massachusetts.  I have to admit I did not realize this until recently and it is pretty amazing since he is coming to symbolize “Superhero” with roles in not just the Avengers but the recent Captain America movie and the Fantastic Four movies.

In the Fantastic Four movie he played the Human Torch and though I saw the films I did not hear much about his Boston connection until now.  WCVB Channel Five is airing an interview with him tonight if you are interested in more about his family and local upbringing.  An interesting note on that front is that he is the nephew of Michael Capuano, our U.S. Congressman.

He graduated from Lincoln Sudbury High School but he was involved in the Youth Theater in Concord where his Mother is now the artistic director.   My children have gone to the Emerson Umbrella another artistic organization in Concord and I can see why the Concord Youth Theater experience could have been such a great experience for Chris Evans.

If you review some of his interviews you see that he appears to be quite grounded with his increasing fame which like for many actors did not come overnight.  He even references going into some sort of counseling for it in an interview where he discusses getting into super buff for Captain America.

Now that we know he’s one of our own we are even more excited to see the new flick The Avengers and look forward to catching up on his other films.

Here is The Avengers preview to whet your appetite:

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