Improper Disposal Of Garbage Increases Rat Population On Beacon Hill

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002Beacon Hill residents report that after the sun goes down, an infestation of rats takes over the Hancock and Joy Street areas. Rodents feast on the garbage thrown on the streets by residents. In a neighborhood that prides itself on having one of the wealthiest zip codes in the city, many of its inhabitants are content to represent themselves poorly. On any given day, a stroll up Hancock Street becomes an obstacle course due to the fact that residents have taken to using the sidewalk as their garbage pail. In addition to the typical black trash bags waiting to be removed, there are milk cartons, plastic baggies of cat feces, and Doritos bags littering the sidewalk. Laura Frances Merin, 24, of Joy Street says “People think it’s okay to put their doggy poop on our stoop. It is so gross. Now that it’s getting hotter, the smells waft up into our windows.”

Not only are residents leaving out individual pieces of garbage, they’re putting the waste removal employees in harm’s way by leaving the trash for them to sift through. In addition to the germs carried by the city rats that skitter up and down the sidewalk after dark, environmental website states that the bags of cat feces can transfer a disease called toxoplasmosis, which is especially harmful to infants and adults with low immune systems. The garbage has also proven to be a hazard to walkers in the area. Merin continues “Joy street is a very high-traffic area, and I’ve definitely seem some people slip on trash that has been left out.” The key cause of the area used to be attempting to get residents to recycle properly, and lately it’s become a desperate attempt to simply throw the garbage away. In a neighborhood where many residents must ask permission to place air conditioners in their windows in order to preserve the aesthetic of their building, some residents appear to be completely indifferent about the fact that they’re causing a rat infestation with their inability to dispose of waste properly.

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