Is Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar Already Open?

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Jerry Remy's New Restaurant


Did you know that Jerry Remy was planning to open a restaurant?  I was clueless until I drove past it earlier this week when I was bringing my son to a pediatric appointment in the Longwood Medical area.

They are still putting together the last finishing touches to it.  There were still contractors working on the front of the building as of yesterday.  The restaurant is supposed to open next week with a lot of fanfare I am sure.

The Jerry Remy Name is sure to pull fans into the restaurant which is said to be outfitted with state of the art high definition TVs.  Hopefully the food will be good too.  The restaurant is on Boylston Street behind Fenway Park.  The economy is finally where the financing is available for this new venture.  Opening restaurants in a down economy can be pretty challenging.  Hopefully this new restaurant will pull more people into the Fenway area even after the baseball season.

The Fenway area has been undergoing a big development stretch in the last few years.  Starting with the development of the Landmark Center back in 2000 efforts have been made to make it more than just an area to go during baseball season.  Boylston Street itself has some big new buildings that house luxury apartments and other restaurants on the ground levels including for example Cambridge 1.  McDonalds has long since been gone and I am actually surprised the Burger King is still there.  On the flipside though I hope bars/restaurants like the Baseball Tavern survive.  The Baseball Tavern is across the street from the new Jerry Remy’s Restaurant.

In today’s Globe there is an article about Remy’s restaurant offering “season” passes where you get to cut in the front of the waiting line of the restaurant.  The passes will be offered with both home and away games for the Boston Red Sox and even for the Celtics and Patriots.  The passes will not include actual tickets to games so you will be paying for the “experience”.  This may seem like a gimick but in today’s economy the competition to survive is fierce so maybe this will give the new restaurant the boost it needs to survive.  Time will tell since the price tag is pretty steep at $500 per season pass.

Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar is located at 1265 Boylston Street behind Fenway Park next to the Guitar Center.

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