JFK InAugural Address – Timeless and Inspiring

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JFK Inaugural SnapShot

JFK InAugural 50th Anniversary Courtesy of C-Span

The 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address is a great opportunity to listen to it and get inspired.  Though it took place 50 years ago many of the points were not only relevant to that time but through all time.  Calls for “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You but What You Can Do for Your Country” are as important today as they ever were.

For the most part this is not a political blog but any blog, website or publication focused on Boston will find it hard to avoid Massachusetts’ famous Kennedy family.  Whatever we may feel regarding some of their personal flaws, as a teenager studying JFK and Martin Luther King their importance to America’s past and future is unavoidable.

With the unfortunate violence in Tuscon, Arizona many may choose to shy away from service.  Whether we focus on John F.  Kennedy who was taken away from us so early for his ideals or whether we focus on 9 year old Christina Taylor Green with her innocent and inspiring interest in participating in the political process, we must acknowledge that the responsibility to move the United Stated in the right directions falls on all of us.

The JFK inaugural address serves as a reminder to all of us of inspiring a nation to action without the need for uncivilized or disrespectful discourse.  Here is a C-Span recording of the address.  We hope it inspires you not just now but whenever you may be feeling negative toward our political system.  Let’s face it the United States political system was made so that we had the freedom and the right to disagree, let’s just remember to do it constructively.

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