Mark Wahlberg – Oscars Not About Him

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Boston’s Mark Wahlberg has done much to put Boston in the spotlight.  Many may argue that it may not always have been a good spotlight.  When it comes to his recent movie “The Fighter” though you won’t find many who aren’t impressed by what seems to be the culmination of a twist and turn type of career.

Wahlberg was passionate about getting this movie produced and though he did not receive an Oscar nomination for his performance in it he has been vocal is stating that he is more than happy for his co-star Christian Bale (nominated for Best Supporting Actor) and for Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund on whom the movie is based.

At first glance Mark Wahlberg does not seem like an “Oscar” type of actor but then again most of us would not have thought he would be producing an Oscar nominated film.  Especially those of us who may have been fans of Marky Mark during his Funky Bunch days.  The Fighter has been nominated for a very impressive 7 Academy Awards including most of his supporting cast.  Maybe the Academy has something for actors who were in “Boogie Nights“(Julianne Moore was also snubbed).

Both Mark Wahlberg and Ben Affleck are great examples of how someone can reinvent themselves and evolve.  Time will tell whether Wahlberg will ever receive an Oscar for acting but it is obvious he has a knack for producing.  We wish all The Fighter nominees well.

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