Tedy Bruschi and the Boston Marathon Stressing CPR Skills

The Boston Marathon is one of Boston’s premier sports events.  Not only is it great for the runners but it draws impressive tourist and spectator crowds.  This year due to recent  visibility about the benefits of quick hands only CPR in the event of a cardiac arrest CPR demonstrations will be offered to runners, spectators and family members that make themselves available for the training.

The classes are scheduled tomorrow Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15th.  More details can be found on the Boston Athletic Association’s  CPR Program Page.  I know that if you are not medically trained you may be shy about stepping in but it can make the difference between life and death for a runner.  It may also come in handy anyway.  The training is “hands only” CPR so no mouth to mouth knowledge is needed.

Given that the current forecast is for 85 degrees on Monday this can become even more important….

We’re including a video from the Marathon with Tedy Bruschi that shows “Hands Only” CPR Instruction.  Tedy of course is a Boston fan favorite so spectators will be excited to know that he is also supposed to be running the Marathon this year.  You may be able to catch a glimpse!  Enjoy the 2012 Boston Marathon and stay safe on Patriot’s Day weekend.

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