Tom Hanks Visits Boston’s JFK Library

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Tom Hanks at the JFK Library

Courtesy of NECN

Tom Hanks premiered his latest documentary type film on World War II at the JFK Library in Dorchester.  Tom Hanks mentioned in one of the interviews that I saw that one of the reasons they chose the premiere of his latest HBO miniseries “The Pacific” was John F. Kennedy’s war experience.  The premiere brought out local World War II veterans as well.

Tom Hanks interest in history will continue with his next project which is going to focus on the John F. Kennedy assassination.  “The Pacific” looks at both the good and the bad of America’s World War II role in the Pacific and Hanks comments on similarities to the wars that we are waging today.

Tom Hanks wanted to bring the experience to life in an authentic and moving way.  He mentions Ken Burns Civil War as one of the documentaries that moved him.  He has always been interested in World War II as demonstrated by his other projects including another miniseries for HBO called “Band of Brothers”.

Recently due to the increasing movie projects being filmed in the area with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise, Bostonians are becoming accustomed to seeing big stars like Tom Hanks in their backyard.  It is great to see a star that is also focused on bringing local stories like those of local veterans to the big screen.

Boston will always be a great historic background because of the history that can be found everywhere, from the Freedom Trail to the Boston Tea Party.  An honest look at history is also important as we tend to glorify and focus on all of the good things we did and learned from history instead of having a balanced review which also includes things we definitely could have done better.

“The Pacific” airs on HBO starting on March 14th.

Here is Tom Hanks at the premiere courtesy of NECN:

Here is the Trailer for “The Pacific” 10 part miniseries:

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