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There is something about coming out on top…  of a building that is. Whether it is dinner and drinks in the glory of the summer sun or a break from the congestion of a packed bar on a cool evening, stories above the city scuffle, roof top destinations can feel like an oasis after too many months of winter cold.

While the rooftop hotel options covered in last week’s post may require a night’s stay or an entrance fee that makes you feel like you at least deserve a room for the night based on the price tag, the following options generally only require the purchase of a meal or a beverage, alcoholic or not.

The view of Fenway from The Baseball Tavern's roof deck.
The view of Fenway from The Baseball Tavern’s roof deck.

The Baseball Tavern – This spot around the corner from Fenway has had more lives than a feline, but Baseball Tavern is a fitting tenant, particularly based on the Fenway proximity.  With 4 floors, basement to the top story, the roof deck provides fresh air after trekking up all those stairs.  Unfortunately you can’t peer into Fenway’s field from there – but your buddy way up high in the bleachers may be able to wave you down (you just won’t be able to tell that he’s really giving you the finger).

Rattlesnake Bar & Grille – If you are a young professional working in the Back Bay area, I don’t have to tell you about The Rattlesnake. As notorious as the Cactus Club is on the other end of Boylston Street, this is an after work hot spot for picking up… um, er, I mean for networking with other young professionals like yourself.  The fact that the food is good, salty and spicy and the drinks are strong, make this after work destination often a ‘close the joint down’ spot too (all on the same night). Escape the roof covered crowd for the rooftop crowd up just a couple of flights of stairs, just watch out for neighboring folks that may want to throw a boot at you as your midweek revelry may be keeping them up.


Ristorante Fiore – The North End packs a lot into every cozy corner of this sliver on the edge of Boston. With so many fabulous dining options, it is certainly hard to select which one, then even harder to get seated.  Fiore is just such a spot, and one reason for its immense popularity, besides the intensely fabulous flavors pouring out its doors, is it’s roof top dining experience. Get there early (as in early bird lunch, not dinner) if you hope to be seated right away. But, even if you go at a time when you need to wait, trust me, it will be worth it.

Market – In the spot that was The Black Rhino (and briefly called Central 37) for so many years, Market boasts some beautiful dining and drinking space before you even set foot inside and after you venture in.  Private space is available adjacent to the roof deck.  This may be (unless I am mistaken) the only roof deck found in the darkness of the looming buildings of the Financial District. Guess they found the market for it.

Dadelus Restaurant – Over the river and into Harvard Square, Dadelus Restaurant may have the most beautiful of all the roof decks listed here. With the lighted peaks of Harvard University all around, and appropriate crimson umbrellas, the food could be corn dogs and it would feel elegant.  But, in fact, the food is equally spectacular too.  Great for a date or to impress parents in from out of town, so they can see just how classy you have become.


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