Visit Boston’s Old StateHouse and Relive History

Old State House in Boston ©

Old State House in Boston ©

Unless you are a tourist Boston’s Old State House may not always pop out at you as the historic monument it is.  Housing both the Old State House Museum and the Bostonian Society it is a must visit for both tourists and native Bostonians alike.  I have lived here all my life and did not realize all that had happened in that small looking building.

What tends to draw tourists the most is that it was the site of the Boston Massacre.  On March 5th in 1770 5 civilians were killed by British soldiers during a protest right outside the Old State House.  The British governed from there at the time.  The trial of the soldiers was actually held in the old state house itself.

We actually decided to visit the museum because my daughter is studying the revolutionary war in her class.  As part of the learning process the class itself will be treated as the colonists were treated back before the revolution.  They have put “stamps” on paperwork and call people Lady and Sir.  It is an interesting way to teach but my daughter has become quite interested in what happened back then.

Being able to go to the place where the Declaration of Independence was read to Bostonians from the balcony where the British had previously ruled really brings everything to life.  There is so much to look at and read about the Old State House, it’s history and that of the revolutionary war that one visit really wasn’t enough.  There were a variety of exhibits that included media and hands on activities as well.  We will be back there soon for more.

For more information about Boston’s Old State House and the Bostonian Society please visit there website here.

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