Animal Adoption In The Hub: Choosing The New Member Of Your Family

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my babyIt’s no secret that an endless amount of animals are put to sleep each year because they couldn’t find a home. The numbers are heartbreaking, but the issue is vital. Statistics show that for every dog we purchase from a breeder, one is put down in a shelter. So why do we continuously pay for pups when great ones are readily available for lower prices in local shelters? If you’re considering an adventure into the world of dog or cat ownership, look at the facts before you take that final leap. Pets are a major responsibility!

Earlier this month, a man from Missouri was arrested for animal cruelty after it was discovered that he had 51 puppies in a truck he had driven to Massachusetts. The poor animals hadn’t been able to get outside for the entire drive from the Midwest, and they were ill from lack of food and water.  Another disturbing fact is that these dogs were arriving in MA to be sold in pet stores for large amounts of money. Often, buyers have no clue what they’re in for when they buy what they assume is a healthy dog. While many people assume purchasing a dog is the safer than adopting, the truth is that pet stores are often stocked with unhealthy animals that are products of cruel puppy mills. So If you’re ready for the responsibility of being a pet parent, consider looking at one of these Boston area shelters for that four-legged member of your family:

Animal Rescue League of Boston: Centrally located on Chandler Street in Boston, the main branch of the ARL is a powerhouse institution that has dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even rats for adoption. They even offer dog training classes and private behavioral consultations, along with general veterinary care. With additional branches in Dedham and on the Cape, the Animal Rescue League is a great place to look for the new addition to your family.

MSPCA Boston Animal Care & Adoption Center: In Jamaica Plain, the MSPCA is a highly reputable organization famous for its affiliated veterinary care center, Angell Memorial Hospital. The adoption center also offers a variety of animals to make your own, and each one is responsibly cared for by the highly trained staff. Last month, the MSCPA rescued a kitten that had been cruelly abandoned in a city mail box. We’re pleased to say the story had quite the happy ending, as the kitten’s new owner is a local postal worker.

City of Boston Animal Shelter and Adoption Center: This Roslindale location is the animal shelter associated with the city’s Animal Control department, which means the animals come from owners who are unable to care for their dogs and the local city streets, where a multitude of animals are abandoned every year. One of the benefits of adopting from the city’s animal shelter is that spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and dog licenses are included once you complete the adoption process.

When it comes to our furry friends, becoming a parent is a lesson in responsibility and unconditional love. If you’re ready to join the parenthood of adorable animals, please consider the challenges of owning animals. Too often, high maintenance animals are tossed in shelters by people who didn’t realize how challenging ownership would be. But if you’re ready to make the jump, consider the benefits of animal adoption. You might just find your new best friend.

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