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Summertime in New England just screams, “Eat a lobster!” And, if you don’t have time to steal away to the coast of Maine for a seaside picnic of lobster, drawn butter and strawberry rhubarb pie, Boston can still offer some remarkable choices for this exotic detritus feeder of the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

lobster1Before you go, know that while it may make for a great photo opp to pick the biggest lobster in the tank and plop down some serious cash to take on the beast, bigger is not always better.  The bigger the lobster, the older the crustacean, and the tougher the meat will be. Go for a chicken lobster (one pound or less) or the standard 1.25 pound lobster and, while you may not get as much meat, it will be oh-so-tender, sweet and close-your eyes-to savor the moment good.

Legal Seafoods – The obvious choice, some people poo-poo on Legal’s as a tourist spot, but I have to disagree.  While it is of course well known, Legal Seafoods had humble beginnings as a fish market in Inman Square in Cambridge many, many years ago and built its current chain of triumphant restaurants on truly high quality seafood – perhaps the hardest of all foods to maintain such a high standard of quality (and the most important one as well). Go for the New England Lobster Bake which includes Legal’s clam chowder (easily the best in town), steamers, mussels, chorizo, corn on the cob and a 1.25 pound lobster.

Summer Shack – Jasper White has brought picnic seafood feasts indoors with the Summer Shack concept, complete with giant plastic tubs full of lobsters and crabs for the viewing and actual picnic tables for dining. Grab a pitcher of beer, slap on a bib and let the feast a-plenty begin.  And, be sure you wear your expandable waist pants, because you will chew till you pop here… and then, out comes the irresistible dessert menu.

boston_barkingcrab_001pThe Barking Crab – If it’s the seaside experience you’re really craving, The Barking Crab offers the shanty by the sea look and feel that should easily satisfy that need. And with rocks on the table to smash open the lobster or crabs you select, this makes for some good messy fun. Decorated with crab traps filled with mini white Christmas lights, this is a cozy and quaint spot perfect for impressing a date without coming off as too stuffy or pretentious.

Oishii – Not all Bostonian lobster experiences have to be drowned in butter to be satisfyingly good. Try Oishii’s Lobster Maki featuring fresh steamed lobster meat, mayo, cucumber, lettuce, and avocado with marinated seaweed for a fresh wrapped, and less messy, option. Or, if you are missing those drawn butter calories – opt for the lobster tempura maki instead.

lobster-fra-diavoloThe Daily Catch – If you’re in Boston’s North End and seek lobster done up Italian style, The Daily Catch is your freshest bet. Go for the Lobster Fra Diavolo for a spicy pasta based dish overflowing with the best shellfish, and lobster of course, you can get locally.  If you haven’t experienced a fra diavolo dish before, be warned.  The expression means from the devil and the spice can be intense for the untrained tongue.

Good to go – If you love your lobster experience so much and you want to share it with friends and family at home, many of these hotspots already have options at the ready for you.  Legal Seafoods will pack and ship live lobsters anywhere in the country for you, while Summer Shack will bring a fully outfitted clam bake to your backyard or corporate party.


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