Schilling Throws a Curve: Former Sox Pitcher Mulls Senate Bid

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Rumors are flying like fastballs now: Curt Schilling may toss his cap into what could be a crowded race for the Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy. Almost immediately after the announcement of Kennedy’s death, speculation abounded—the New York Times even ran a front page article alongside Kennedy’s obituary pondering possible contenders.

Schilling himself has so far played down the rumors with some strangely, or perhaps strategically, noncommittally political rambling.

Yesterday, in a post to his blog, 38pitches, Schilling practically wrote an essay outlining his positions on everything: abortion (against it, with exceptions for rape, incest, health of the mother); gun rights (fully supports it, though concerned about special interests); hit and runs (in favor, assuming runner on first is Ellsbury or equally fast, intelligent base runner, and hitter is not a power guy.)

Schilling goes on and on about his political beliefs, decrying corruption of elected officials and their bankrupting of our home field. It’s hard to read the post as anything but an early, loose platform for an upstart politician to run on. It’s exactly the platform unexpected, out of left field candidates try to construct; they first profess their status as an outsider with an independent mind (Schilling was quick to point out he is registered as unenrolled, voted for Clinton, and voted not for Bush but for the winning team he assembled), then bleat to any passersby about political corruption and the need to take back what is “ours.”Curt Schilling

Populism, though wonderful in theory, is most often wielded by the wealthy insane who must rely on name recognition and outrage to muster support.

So is he in the race or not? Again, Schilling followed every talking point with a quick caveat that he was not really considering running but would maybe consider giving it consideration, considering the circumstances. Here’s Schilling on the prospect of his candidacy:

“To be clear I have no ambition to enter into a life of politics, or to be a career politician, none.”

Okay, so he won’t run. Ever. No desire to be a politician. Except he concludes the paragraph with this ambiguous call to arms:

“Were I to even consider this it would be for 1 term and 1 term only, and then only to do everything in my power to rid this state of the tired an [sic] unethical people that have run it into the ground and help it begin the healing process, and once again become a thriving state to live and work in.”

Why write such a thing, about beginning a “healing process” if he has no intention of running? Why even write a lengthy post about his political inclinations if he has no intention of laying the groundwork for a campaign? Surely Schilling didn’t think a bunch of baseball devotees, trolling his blog for insider gossip or opinions on the Sox rotation, would want to hear about his stance on toll roads in Massachusetts.

Attorney General Martha Coakley has already announced her intention to run for the open seat, and, according to the Boston Globe, U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch has taken out nomination papers. With the primary and final elections slated for December and January respectively, Schilling would need to declare his candidacy soon if he wants to amass the support needed to trump two well known politicians.

I’m convinced he will ultimately join the fray. I’m also rooting for him to do so, not because I agree with any of his beliefs, but rather because of the possibility that, halfway through a televised debate, a splotch of blood will seep through his sock, prompting commentators everywhere to spin how that stain reflects or belies his strength, determination, and commitment to family values.

Keep your baseball metaphors handy, because this one should get interesting.

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