Six Superb Boston Blogs

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Boston is a blogging hub

Boston is a blogging hub

While Directory of Boston is awesome, if you’re anything like me you can never have enough quality sites to visit. Bostonians are lucky as we’re a social media powerhouse, which also means we have so many blogs it might not be possible to read them all (though I know a few people who try to). So, here are six superb Boston blogs (not including Directory of Boston since you’re already here!).

  1. Universal Hub

  2. My daily stop for news and random tidbits from around Boston, Universal Hub started out as Boston Common, a site that aggregated news from around the Boston blogosphere. In 2005, Adam Gaffin teamed up with Steve Garfield to launch Universal Hub. While UH still aggregates the latest, most important and wildest news from around the Boston intertubes, it also provides commentary, produces its own reports, and keeps the Boston media on its toes. It’s a must read for any Bostonian.

    My favorite part of Universal Hub, the headlines. Adam Gaffin has knack for crafting witty, informative, enticing headlines that would leave even the best copywriters jealous. Beginner bloggers take note.

  3. Bostonist

  4. Also launching in 2005, Bostonist is part of the Gothamist network. Similar to Universal Hub, Bostonist is an alternative news source (meaning they’re not part of the mainstream media), for news and events in the Boston area. While UH has a focus geared towards politics, civics, and odd occurrences and news stories, Bostonist has more content in the arts and things to do categories. Both are great sources of news and by reading both you ensure you catch a huge spectrum of activity in Boston.

  5. SOX & Dawgs

  6. For a sports dominated city like Boston, this list would simply not be complete without a sports blog. SOX & Dawgs started out as a blog about the Red Sox and UConn Huskies but evolved to also include the Boston Celtics and New England Patriots. SOX & Dawgs reports on daily happenings with the Red Sox, provide stats, lineups and game summaries, as well as analysis on the latest trades and other sports moves. A great one stop site for all your Boston sports needs (except the Bruins!).

  7. Drink Boston

  8. Written by Lauren Clark, a journalist and ex-bartender, Drink Boston reviews Boston bars and restaurants, reports on drink news and brings you the latest events happening in Boston that revolve around drinking. A valuable resource for a city littered with bars, their delicious design makes the content easy to read (helpful for those reading up on where to go out next but still feeling the after effects of the previous night).

  9. The Second Glass

  10. On the other end of the spectrum, The Second Glass focuses purely on wine. The Second Glass’ intent is to educate and inspire people to choose wine over beer. To that end they review wines and write informative articles but also host events in the Boston area such as Wine Riot and Crash Courses.

  11. Boston Biker

  12. As an avid Bicyclist, I had to include Boston Biker in this list. Boston Biker is a blog in and of itself, but it’s also a host for a network of blogs written by Boston Bikers. It’s a great resource for important bike related news and events, as well as other bike related media (funny videos, strange news etc.). A great way to stay in touch with all parts of the Boston bike community.

Any awesome blogs I left off the list? Let me know in the comments below! There’s so many talented writers in the area I simply couldn’t list them all but love discovering new Boston blogs and bloggers so please do share!

Thanks to werkunz1 for the amazing HDR photo of Boston.

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