Where Have All The Abortions Gone? The Decline Of Abortion Providers In Massachusetts

A national anti-abortion campaign has declared October 9th National Pro-Life Cupcake Day. Called Cupcakes For Life , the organization is spreading their pro-life message by encouraging supporters to hand out 50,000,000 cupcakes across the country to represent the “50,000,000 children who weren’t allowed to be born” because of abortion. Sadly, this event happens to coincide with the decline of clinics and hospitals in Massachusetts with doctors that provide abortions. In a state so immediately identified with progressive politics and revolutionary health care, why does the access to safe and affordable abortions seem to be on the decline?

Massachusetts is known for its expansive selection of world-renowned hospitals. Health care employees and patients come from all over the world to attain the best possible care in our facilities. While the prevalence of top-rated hospitals is significant across the state, the Massachusetts chapter of NARAL has found that 43% of counties in Massachusetts have generally no access to abortion providers at all.  Also, of all the documented abortions, only 10% occur in actual hospitals. For an area so revolutionary in the fields of medical research and scientific discoveries, the ability to attain reliable reproductive health care is dangerously low. This rate is maintained because many area hospitals don’t provide medical professionals with suitable training in the field of abortion care. At what point did an unwanted pregnancy not become a reproductive health issue? If the doctors are never trained, the patients are left to seek alternative methods of caring for themselves. Whether you believe abortion to be morally reprehensible or a surgical procedure like all others, it’s important to remember that doctors in the Commonwealth must be suitably trained to deal with all medical issues, including those many women face in their quest for sufficient reproductive care.

A contributing writer for DirectoryofBoston.com, Megan Johnson is originally from Connecticut, but has lived in Boston since age 18. She frequently writes for MenuPages Boston, Butterfly Diary, SweetTalk on the Spot, and Reinventing Beauty Magazine. You can visit her website at www.meganjohnson.tumblr.com.

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