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spontyFacebook, Twitter, Myspace: No matter what social media outlet you’re addicted to, there’s no denying that hundreds of networking sites inundate our daily lives. But in the midst of browsing your friends’ drunken photo albums or discovering your secret zombie name, don’t you believe it’s gotten a little out of hand? Human interaction is literally dwindling! Hanging out in person has been replaced by spending time stalking acquaintances on Myspace. So why not take the world of networking and use it to get out and see those people you used to hang with before your cubicle and apartment walls closed in?

The goal of Sponty is simple: Instead of spending your lunch break eating alone in a basement food court, check your friends on Sponty and eat together. Sitting at home alone on a Friday night? If there’s a friend you know on Sponty that’s planning to grab a beer downtown, you can join in. In this day and age when our reliance on technology is seriously heavy, Sponty takes the power of the web and encourages real interaction like nobody else.

When asked why Cambridge-based Sponty is different than the endless slew of other sites out there, Sponty’s co-creator Mahmoud Arram tells us “Sponty helps people see their friends more. By creating a context for hanging out, like going to an art museum or an impromptu jam session, Sponty gives our users a good reason to get out and have fun with their friends. Online social networking cannot replace old school face to face time with friends; you certainly can’t share chips over the internet.”

So in the spirit of togetherness, why not broadcast your social intentions to your friends? The goals of social networking is to be social, after all.

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  1. Sounds a good idea if it can really work. The more advanced out technology, the less time we tend to spend in face-to-face communication. However, the later is more valuable, as you can see the expressions and gestures directly. It’s like the travel guides online and personal tour guides upon meeting. The former is full of information, but the later contains more interaction and personal attention.

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