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Bummed about bailing on dinners out? Or trading your salon haircut for a DIY ‘do? Or maybe you miss your gym membership? Well, budget-minded Bostonians, there is another way to cut your cash flow without cutting out the things you love. It’s called … Groupon. This new website and email list launched its Boston edition about a month ago.

Here’s how it works: every weekday Groupon posts a new day on its website and emails the deal to its subscribers. It could be a restaurant or salon gift certificate, tickets to a play or concert, or perhaps a 1-month gym membership. The deal is only available for that day and only if enough people decide to buy (hence the term “groupon,” a hybrid of coupon and group).

Your credit card only gets charged if Groupon meets its minimum, in which case you’ll receive an email confirmation the following day. The “collective buying power” philosophy offers a powerful incentive for buyers to spread the word to their friends and through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook (both of which have handy little widgets on the site for just this purpose).

It makes a lot of sense for local businesses, especially those that are new and need exposure, because they’re guaranteed a certain number of customers. (And it’s well known in retail circles that a big chunk of customers never redeem gift certificates so it’s an easy money-maker for them.) It also makes a lot of sense for the consumer, because they’re getting a killer deal without having to actually buy in bulk themselves.

A few examples of recent Groupon offers:
*$45 for 10 Pilates Classes at The Body Center
*$15 for $30 worth of errands from RUNmyERRANDS
*$19 for a Mani-Pedi at Salon Red & Spa
*$25 tickets to Jerry Springer: The Opera produced by Speakeasy Stage Company
*$32 private music lesson at Page Music Lessons
*$15 for $35 worth of food and drinks at Kingston Station

Note that all of these offers have expired, so this list is merely for demonstration, not for actual purchasing. You can check out today’s deal or sign up for the email list on Groupon Boston’s website.

Tell us! Have you tried Groupon? What other recession-era strategies have you used to save money?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Alex says:

    Just launched there is a new coupon service, a new way to get your Boston Daily Deals – Qponus Boston –

    It works just like Groupon, but it’s just another service with different coupons available. Do you find yourself waiting to see what tomorrow’s Groupon will be? Well no you have another service to check daily for great deals. Sign up for the daily deal (at so you can take advantage of great coupons from both Groupon and Qponus.

    Follow us on Twitter:
    or on Facebook:

    Today’s Coupon is $20 for 3+ Hours of Paintball – All Gear Included at Randolph Paintball! 2 convenient locations!

    Plenty more where that came from and there are contests to win free coupons!

  2. Joel says:

    Here’s a cool article that’ll tell you what’s going down in Beantown…interesting piece on the Boston scene…

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