Exotic Dancing For Self-Improvement At Gypsy Rose Dance Studio

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polefriendwendy1The last place most women look for a one-way ticket to self improvement is on the stripper pole. Stripping is often referred to as a gateway to prostitution and pornography, industries that target women with low self-esteem and undesirable backgrounds. But now, it’s time to throw your pre-conceptions about exotic dancing out of the window. Empowered Boston women are finding exercise and self-fulfillment through exotic dance, without the exploitation that comes with stripping for money. This time around, women are learning the powers of exotic dance with the hope of pleasing one person: Themselves.

Gypsy Rose Dancing is the brainchild of Massachusetts native Wendy Reardon, whose resume boasts everything from writing animated TV shows to a Master’s Degree in Medieval history. A papal scholar, Wendy came upon exotic dance while looking for a new exercise outlet. Ultimately, she ended up working as a professional dancer in clubs where nudity wasn’t required. After rounds of sell-out crowds showing up for exotic dance classes she held at the Boston Center for Adult Education, Wendy turned her passion for dance and creativity into a thriving business.

With the popularity of exotic dance spreading like wildfire, the debate over motivations to participate has become quite the controversial topic. While the divide between giving lap dances in clubs where women are mistreated and dancing for pleasure in a studio full of women is highly visible, critics are eager to point out that women strictly take up pole dancing as a method to entice their boyfriend or spouse. Basically, are we simply fooling ourselves when saying exotic dance is really for women, not men?

We found one Gypsy Rose devotee who had nothing but praise for Wendy Reardon and her enterprise. “I can’t tell you how much Gypsy Rose has changed my life for the better in just 5 months of lessons. I signed up on a crazy whim and it was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m much more confident in myself and plus it’s a fantastic workout! I’ve learned that sexy is a state of mind as well as how to embrace my femininity and sexuality.”

Wendy tells us, “Exotic dancing and pole dancing are great ways to boost self-esteem, create an amazing sense of self-empowerment, and get a great workout without even trying. At Gypsy Rose Dancing, we teach that Sexy is a State of Mind. In other words, your attitude comes first: The moves are there just to back it up.”

It’s vital to recognize that whatever the reason women flock to exotic dance, there is no single answer that can define each and every woman. There is a vast difference between exotic dance and the exploitative industries of lap-dancing and pornography. In fact, at Gypsy Rose there is no nudity even involved. Clearly, when women are motivated to connect to their own sexuality and find the confidence to love themselves, exotic dance is an inspirational tool that helps women discover the empowerment they deserve.

A contributing writer for DirectoryofBoston,com, Megan is originally from Connecticut, but has lived in Boston since age 18. She is a frequent contributor to Boston Menupages, Reinventing Beauty Magazine, Butterfly Diary, and SweetTalk on the Spot. You can visit her website at www.meganjohnson.tumblr.com.

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  1. Mary says:

    I really found this article enlightening. Hey, if some women find this an outlet and good exercise, who should judge?? Wendy sounds like a smart and capable person who has found what people want and made a real niche for herself. Good for her!

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