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Finding a gift for the guy who has everything can be a real pain. Golf ball polisher? Monogrammed cigar case? The possibilities are endless, but they’re not always that practical. So when we came across Royal Highnies loungewear, we knew they were something a man (or woman, for that matter), would actually put to good use.

On a quest to find the perfect boxer short, a pair of Georgia women realized they would have to create the product they could never find in stores. Constructed out of 400 thread count pima cotton, Royal Highnies silky boxer shorts are the underwear that men dream of. Ditch the itchy cotton or lame tighty whities. Royal Highnies are far more mature than the heart-covered pair your girlfriend bought you for Valentine’s Day, but not as creepy as those tighty whities Old Man Withers next door wears when he’s out back shooting his rifle at squirrels. Besides boxers, Royal Highnies make full length lounge pants for hanging around the house. Since the only place in Boston proper that stocks Royal Highnies is North River Outfitter on Charles Street, we decided to stop by the store to check and see if droves of men are really willing to shell out around $40 for a pair of underwear.  It turns out Royal Highnies are flying off the shelves as gifts for boyfriends and husbands. Also, high-rolling businessmen seem to be fans of sporting Royal Highnies under their thousand-dollar suits.

Sure, Royal Highnies cost a pretty penny. But if you’re willing to swing for 400 thread count sheets, then splurging for 400 thread count underwear doesn’t seem too farfetched. Each pair is true to size, and they come with a promise of no shrinkage.  But that promise strictly goes for the material, not what’s underneath.

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  1. Mary says:

    pretty clever name for their product I’d say!!! How the heck did you discover these??

  2. Richard DeAgazio says:

    i bought 10 pair at Alan Rouleau Couture 73 Newbury Street in Boston


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