ADORE-Chester: A Digital Celebration of Dorchester

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On October 4th, 2009, ten Boston bloggers will unite to celebrate the biggest (and in my opinion best) neighborhood in Boston, Dorchester. The event has been dubbed ADORE-chester! by its chief organizer and relative newbie to Dot, Whalehead King. Though he’s new to the area, WH has quickly picked up on the vibe of Dorchester through his eccentric and highly entertaining storytelling on his blog.

In Defense of Dorchester

The main goal of the project is to draw positive attention to an area often portrayed in the media as dangerous and riddled with crime. What isn’t often noted is that Dorchester is a vast area filled with diverse people. Sure, some act unscrupulously, but many are hard working citizens who contribute to and improve their neighborhoods constantly.

Dorchester has a storied history and its residents are filled with Dot Pride. We’re Bostonians through and through, but we’re also proud to be from Dorchester and would have it no other way. To back up that statement, I’ve just gone ahead and re-titled my personal blog from Prose of a Pol to the much better Dot Boston.

Before we hit the official press release, here’s a video from the Dorchester band Street Dogs called, In Defense of Dorchester. Oh and be sure to scroll down and check out the participants of ADORE-chester!

ADORE-chester! Official Announcement

On Sunday, October 4th, 2009, ten Dorchester-based blogs will be rallying on what they call the ADORE-chester! Project.

The mainstream media does cover Dorchester, but rarely its best attributes. By making use of their alternative outlets, admittedly some of them eccentric, these ten bloggers will try for one day to spotlight the good news. The little things that make Dorchester an attractive neighborhood may not sell papers, but they are the bread and butter that make up the daily routine of the people who live here.

Each participant will be blogging about five good things they enjoy about Boston’s biggest neighborhood, each under the heading “ADORE-chester!” and linking to the other participants at the end of each individual post. It was an idea hatched by the Dottie Hottie and Whalehead King. They made the proposal to their fellow Dot bloggers and everyone who responded did so enthusiastically, with a hearty, “I’m IN!” And so the ADORE-chester! Project was born.

By writing ten top five lists on the same day, the ADORE-chester! bloggers hope to flood their little corner of the internet with positive reviews of their neighborhood and, for a day at least, counteract the prevailing perception that Dorchester is a terror zone. It isn’t, and their testimony is meant to provide subjective, contrary proof. Dorchester is very, very good, full of small pleasures and tangible benefits. The bloggers involved come from different backgrounds and each will express a unique point of view in order to capture as much of the neighborhood as they can with their writing. The reason they are linking together is to provide a kaleidoscope of viewpoints for people who may not appreciate the multi-faceted aspects this part of Boston offers.

We are asking for your participation in this project by making your audience aware of it. Whether you choose to briefly mention it, review the participating blogs, or report on the project as a whole, any assistance in spreading the word that Dorchester is better than most people believe will be greatly appreciated.

The participants:

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