Boston’s Restaurant Week – Week 2

Despite it’s name Boston’s Restaurant Week continues on for a second week, starting up again this Sunday, August 16th and continuing on through Friday, August 21st.  In fact, if you poke through the listing of 200 participating restaurant in and outside of Boston, you will find a few here and there that are offering a RW lunch special on Saturday, August 15th as well.

Restaurant Table

For those unfamiliar to the wonder that is Boston Restaurant Week, restaurants throughout Greater Boston create special menus with limited course offerings for prices generally much lower than their standard price point to help bolster sales during slower dine-out times of the year like August.  And the great thing for us, the dining public, is the chance to try restaurants that we perhaps have always wanted to saunter into or discover new spots all together that lack of funds kept us from enjoying before.

Pricing works like this:  A two course light lunch option is $15.09, a three course lunch option is $20.09 (clever, eh?) and a three course dinner option is $33.09, per person.

There are so many amazing choices spread between Boston, it’s surrounding neighborhoods and even out into the ‘burbs you may begin wish there were more than lunches and dinners between now  and the end of Restaurant Week.  For the complete listing of restaurant participating, click here.

Some meals I am hoping to consume include:

  • Lunch at Melting Pot in Boston’s Theater District.  Who could pass up 3 consecutive fondue courses? I’d start with the Cheddar Cheese Fondue (simply for the lager beer and garlic infusion).  Next, the vegetarian  fondue lunch entree and then, for dessert…. woah, tough one. I think I would select white chocolate fondue over the milk or dark and dip a strawberry in it before the pot hits the table.
  • Lunch at HARU in Boston’s Back Bay for two reasons.  One, I love Japanese food and sushi. And two, you get four courses here for lunch, rather than the usual three, at the same price. For course one, I would select the house salad (more for the ginger dressing than for the healthy greens).  Course two, I am all about the tuna ceviche.  For the main course I am a Samurai with a spicy tuna, yellowtail jalapeno roll and crunchy spicy salmon roll combo.  Mochi ice cream for dessert and then they can roll me out the door.
  • Dinner at Amelia’s Trattoria in Kendall Square Cambridge is a tough one because they make everything sound so damn good. When the waistaff came to the table, I would have to go with my gut and order the PEI Mussels for my appetizer (I can never pass up a good mussels dish), Chicken Milanese for dinner and for dessert Ricotta Cake with Fresh Berries.
  • Dinner at Tangierino in Charlestown because I have always wanted to see the inside of this place!  My appetizer choice would bejumbo shrimp served in a tagine, the almond crusted trout and Moroccan risotto and finish with a lemon meringue tart.
  • Dinner at BOND in Boston’s Financial District for the international flight I can take without leaving my seat at the restaurant.  I will start with fresh Portuguese cheese, tomatoes and olive oil.  Next, I will skip to Greece for for some Lamb Souvlaki.  And, finally, I will land in Thailand for Thai Chocolate Fondant Cake.

Can someone find me a Gym Week special for the following week…..? Phew.

As a final editorial note, while Restaurant Week is a wonderful dating tool, since you can take a date to an impressive place without an overwhelming bill, please be careful what you order.  While I love Tapeo Restaurant & Tapas and will give them points for an inventive dish with their Gorditas – prunes, stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon – it sounds like a digestive nightmare.  Be wary of dishes such as these if you plan on being in a car with the windows up or hope to have the date last beyond dessert.


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