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DART Boston: An Entrepreneurial Community

DART Boston: An Entrepreneurial Community

A few months back, one my social media buddies Stuart Foster, keyed me into a new organization here in Boston called DART Boston. At the time, the group was literally in its idea phase and already stretched a little short on time I put it out of mind for the time being, especially considering I was already involved with Boston Young Entrepreneurs, which is a similar group.

A few short months later, DART Boston is tearing up the Boston entrepreneurial scene. The group’s been written about in the Boston Globe and is ready to expand its’ model to more cities, as well as a host of exciting new features and plans that’ll be revealed soon.

What is DART Boston?

Simply put, DART Boston is a community of local young entrepreneurs who’ve banded together to help other local entrepreneurs solve problems and streamline their operations. They’re a very open group, meaning any young entrepreneur in the area can gain advice and give advice via the group.

Pokin’ Holes in Businesses

Right now, the main feature of DART Boston is its weekly live podcast show called Pokin’ Holes, streamed and recored every Thursday night. The show has a very creative and unique format that’s developed over the past nineteen episodes. In the current format, the entrepreneur or company speaks briefly, explaining what they do and where they need help. Then, the majority of the show revolves around three panelists from diverse backgrounds giving advice, finding areas to improve (aka poking holes), and coming up with ideas for the future of the company.

The moderator, Cortland Johnson (@cortlandt) brings a fierce energy to the show that keeps the panelists on point and churning out good ideas minute after minute. Without the company involved in the main section of the show, it loosens up the panelists to really speak their mind and fill each minute with useful advice.

This week: Schedr at N.E.R.D.

On Pokin’ Holes tonight, the three panelists will pick apart Schedr, a web application (created by Tom Petr @tpetr) that allows college students to quickly and easily pick out and organize their schedule for the next semester. I don’t know about you, but thinking back to my college days, scheduling was one of my most hated times of the year. I often procrastinated on it and ended up picking odd courses at even odder hours. Throw in that I was not a morning person and it was not fun.

The show will take place at N.E.R.D., Microsoft’s New England Research & Development lab. The weekly podcast show is filmed at a new venue every week, keeping the environment fresh and energizing.

The Wrap Party

Another cool aspect of DART Boston is their weekly wrap party. After each Pokin’ Holes show, the gang heads out to a second venue for a wrap party. It gives everyone a chance to interact in a casual setting. I’ve met a ton of great entreprenuers and generally smart, creative, people via these wrap parties. And they’re free for all to attend! This week’s wrap party will be at the Miracle of Science, a very cool bar in Cambridge. Check out their drink menu:

The elements menu

The elements menu

If all of that hasn’t convinced you to head out to N.E.R.D. to watch Pokin’ Holes or to Miracle of Science to meet up with the DART Boston group, tonight’s show will also feature your favorite Boston blogger!

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