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Topsfield FairCan’t you feel the crisp fall air in the morning already?  Although fall does not officially begin September 22nd this year, the onslaught of annual New England Fairs is upon us!  With so many great annual events within a tank of gas away, I wanted to pay homage  to the great, should not be missed one.  These are quintessential New England experiences, and a vast set of experiences they should turn out to be.

King Richard's Faire

King Richard’s Faire Weekends September 5th through October 25th on Route 58 in Carver, MA. Already underway, King Richard’s Faire offers jousting knights, exotic animals, as well as players (both employed by the faire and paying customers) wearing garb reminiscent of the good king’s time of reign. There is a fun sense of revelry here as you ply yourself with heaping plates of food made for the heartiest of folks. If you love role playing, this is the fair for you.

Brimsfield Fair September 8th through 13th in Brimsfield, MA. This is the mecca for treasure hunters who live and die by the Antique Roadshow and are frequently referred to as yard sale early birds because they like to wake people up in their beds to see their wares. With more than 5,000 antique vendors with an amazing assortment of items from childhood treasures to crazy discoveries, even if you never make a purchase (though I doubt you could deny yourself at least one keepsake) it is an amazing experience.  It is almost as if someone fused together the attic of every grandmother you have ever known.

The Big E September 18th through October 4th at 1305 Memorial Avenue, West Springfield, MA. While I have never ventured into this county fair mecca, I have heard tales of old-timey games that take place, like frying pan tossing, that makes it sounds worth the trip.  The Big E is aptly named as this is the big one in these parts – and the longest of the drives from Boston.  But, if you are like most folks I know, chances are you have a friend in the Amherst area who can let you crash after all that down country fun.

NH Highland GamesNH Highland Games September 18th through 20th at Loon Mountain Ski Resort, Lincoln, NH. Burly men in kilts throwing telephone poles end over end – known as caber tossing, hauling rocks on chains so heavy you are sure their limbs will rip off right at their shoulders, and the hurling of metals balls on chains (that they swing precariously close to their own set), all set in a beautiful greenery with bagpipes in the air. I suggest trying the scotch soup, and if you are of Scottish heritage, enjoy the genealogy of the event. It’s like a trip to Scotland just a few hours away. Just follow the sounds of the bagpipes.

Topsfield Fair October 2nd through 12th on Route 1, Topsfield, MA. This is the fair that I recall from my youth, as do many others at it is one of the oldest annual fairs in the country.  My fondest memories are of the chocolate auctioneer and the boys and girls grab bags for 50 cents, filled with all the junk a young ‘un could want. Both are still there, along with amazing sand sculptures, everything you ever needed to know about beekeeping, bunny rabbits, and blue ribbon contests for everything from giant pumpkins to cherry pie.

Harpoon Octoberfest20th Annual Harpoon Octoberfest Friday, October 2nd from 530PM-11PM and Saturday, October 3rd from 2PM-9PM at Harpoon’s Brewery, 306 Northern Ave on Boston’s Waterfront. Here is a fall fest that includes both beer and Boston. The 20th Annual Harpoon OctoberFest takes place right at the brewery and is a fabulous Boston celebration of beer and good times. Please note that doors close an hour and a half before closing each night. So don’t be that already drunk dude that shows up late pounding on the door screaming “Let me in, man.  Come on, my girl’s in there!” She won’t want you in there either.


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  1. Kayli says:

    of corse my uncle whould be the first to show up as his knight character (blue and green @ the king richards faire)
    is always makes me want the faire to be here now, you should def go if u havent been.

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