Far East to Northeast: Anime Boston 2010

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Anime Boston Promo

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Er, ahem. Sorry for that. Years of public schooling have instilled in me a habit of shouting like that when faced with socially inferior, though intellectually superior, people.

Anyway, the nerds to whom I’m referring (and they really aren’t nerds, at least not all of them) are the thousands of anime fans who’ve descended on the city for Anime Boston, the annual celebration of the popular Japanese art style.  The event, billed as the largest of its kind in New England, runs from today through Sunday at the Hynes Convention Center.

Costumed fans began to seep out of the woodwork early this morning, riding the trains in their elaborate, homemade outfits. I have yet to see a Pikachu attempt to T surf, though I suspect, what with the long tail, he would fare excellently.

The three-day event is packed to bursting with so much seizure-inducing entertainment not even Pokemon protagonist Ash Ketchum could catch it all. Split between 17 venues within the convention center, programs run from 8:00am until as late as 2:30am each day, making it impossible to see anywhere close to everything. Programs include the requisite autograph signings, as well as panel discussions on specific shows or just aspects of the genre; several programs address different angles of anime music videos alone.

Oh, and those late night program topics? Hentai.

Yes, the oft disparaged porn genre will be discussed, viewed, and perhaps even drawn in several 18+ events. One program will even teach attendees how to dub their own hentai parody. And while I should, as a journalist, be researching some of this, I simply can’t find the desire. Cartoon boobies are just not my thing.

First held in 2003, the convention grew quickly, with attendance jumping from just under 1,500 in that first year to 15,000 in 2009. With the event expanding again this year, expect even more costumed critters roaming the streets.

So if you happen to leave a bar near Hynes late one night this weekend, there will be no need to fear that you’ve somehow drunk yourself into insanity. Those really will be dragons and heroes mingling peaceably together on the trains.

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