Here Ye Here Ye! The Fall Season Has Begun At King Richard’s Faire

In our college days, weekend mornings meant trekking to the dining hall. If we were lucky, we’d find a little treat spread across the quad known as the Renaissance people. That’s right! Cittern strumming, 5-layer dress with heaving breasts-wearing Renaissance enthusiasts who loitered on our grassy knoll. Luckily, if you’re one of these “Ren Fest” fans, then your yearly trek to Mecca can finally begin. September 5th kicked off the fall season of King Richard’s Faire in Carver, Massachusetts, and the crowds are heading to the ‘burbs in droves for meat on a stick and fake jousting competitions.

If you’re looking to entertain the kiddies for the day, the Faire is similar to a day trip to Disney World, except Mickey’s a fire-breathing dragon and Minnie’s his beer wench. The fairgrounds have boatloads of rides and games for knights and their fair maidens, such as the Pirate Ships, Flying Carousel, and Swan Swing. The Royal Zoo has exotic animals (including LIGERS!), and performances galore ranging from vampire musicals and juggling fire-eaters to jousting knights and axe-throwing competitions.

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Renaissance Era without the proper culinary delights. Offerings include turkey legs, Shepherd’s Pye (yes, with a Y), hearty stews, and various meats on a stick. If you’re a hesitant participant in the festivities, you can find solace in knowing that alcoholic beverages are served around the clock. And if you want to take home a taste of the era, a Remembrance Shoppe area sells herbs, potions, hand-spun pottery, and a variety of weapons and costumes inspired by the period.

Adult entrance costs $26 per person, while children ages 5-11 get in for $15. Younger kiddies enter for free. And according to the website, King Richard’s Faire is currently hiring everyone from receptionists to flame throwers, so if you’re looking for temporary work, you might be a shoe-in. Also, we couldn’t resist mentioning that those knights and wenches looking to get hitched Renaissance-style can do so at King Richard’s Faire. At least you can say your wedding was memorable.

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