Memorial Day Street Performer Extravaganza at Faneuil Hall

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Faneuil Hall Street Performer ©

Faneuil Hall Street Performer ©

Memorial Day weekend in the Boston area can be great fun for the family.  You don’t have to travel to the beach to kick off the “summer” season though.  Faneuil Hall is a favorite place for our family lately.  Many people go there just to go to one of the many restaurants that are housed in one of the four buildings that make it up but there is more to it than just restaurants.

I confess as a born and raised Bostonian you would think I know how to spell Faneuil Hall but I always have to spell check it.  I usually spell it Fanuel Hall.  You also think of it as just one big place but as mentioned before it is actually 4 separate buildings between which people stroll and take in the variety of street performers that come to entertain the “tourists”.

Faneuil Hall was given to the city of Boston in 1942 by Peter Faneuil who was a wealthy merchant.  3 other buildings (Quincy Market, South Market, North Market) were added over time to accommodate the ever increasing population and needs of what was considered the main marketplace of the city.

This weekend Faneuil Hall Marketplace is having a bunch of special guest performer to their Street Performer Extravaganza.  You can find a more detailed schedule of the performers here.  They will be covering a wide range of performance types like music, juggling and magic.  My kids are younger so this type of thing tends to hold their attention.  The woman in the photo did an amazing job of posing like a statue until someone deposits some money into her contribution box.  The look on my son’s face was priceless as he jumped back.

Whether it’s this Memorial Day Weekend or any other weekend there is always something to do at Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

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