Naked Girls To Read Lewis Carroll’s Books at Coolidge Corner Theatre

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This is exactly what it sounds like.

Finally, someone has gone and combined two of my absolute favorite things in the world: reading and nude women.

Though it may sound like pure fantasy,  it is, in fact, a reality. Like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, or peanut butter and just about any other consumable it can be paired with, naked women and books have at long last been brought together, giving nerds and voyeurs everywhere reason to celebrate. No longer must we imagine the rapscallion voice of Huckleberry Finn, as someone will now be there, in person, providing his southern drawl and devil-may-care inflection.

Plus there will be boobs.

Even the most stodgy, inaccessible tomes can be made exciting through this pairing. Take, for example, Catherine’s rousing renunciation of Heathcliff from Emily Bronte’s insufferably inaccessible novel, Wuthering Heights. “It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now; so he shall never know how I love him,” Bronte drones on, never once pausing to mention boobs, or, as she knew them, “the naughty bits.”

Now, pretend Catherine is topless, and suddenly the whole book makes sense and is much more enjoyable to read. (Pretending Heathcliff is topless also works, but is much less satisfying, for obvious reasons.)

The ladies providing this fine pair (these fine pairs?) are the hyper-aptly titled performance group, Naked Girls Reading. Originally devised as a joke, the NGR was such a success—has female nudity ever failed to sell?—that it became a recurring event.

On Friday, April 23 at the Coolidge Corner Theater, NGR will read from Lewis Carroll’s books and other Alice inspired works in a performance called, “Down the Rabbit Hole,” a title which I’m pretty sure is a double entendre, or at least a titillating turn of phrase. The performance is part of the Coolidge’s “After Midnite” film series, but while this entry doesn’t exactly involve film of any sort, no one seems to be complaining.

Tickets for the show are $15. Though it is billed as midnight event, the performance technically begins at 11:59pm Friday night, so as to prevent nitpickers from harping that the show is actually on Saturday.

Michelle L’Amour

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