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With most of your waking hours spent slaving away at work, it seems like a rare occasion when you actually get to spend daylight hours planning your free time. Luckily, a new Boston company has taken the reigns to help you enjoy your time off.  It’s pretty tough to find someone unfamiliar with mega-search engine Google. Goby, (literally “GO-Be”) is like a little brother of Google with an entirely specialized mission that’s devoted to helping find fun ways to spend your time off. Simply type in the activity you would like to pursue, your location, and the time you would like to do it, and Goby will provide you with a variety of ideas. But Instead of spitting out a plain list of web pages, Goby filters the information into organized blocks listing time, date, and location. However, you don’t have to visit Goby with a specific activity in mind. By searching with keywords, Goby contains a browsable catalog of things to do if you aren’t dead-set on one activity.  “General purpose search engines don’t know whether you’re trying to research a paper for a class or find a great concert to go to- so they can’t help you with the task,” Goby CEO Mark Watkins tells us. “Since we’re focusing on solving a single problem, we can produce a much better experience.”

With a growing population of techno-holics that have a real passion for adventure, Goby is right at home in the Boston area. And given its tech-centric mission, it’s only natural that Goby originated as a research project at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Also behind the curtain at Goby representing Boston area academia are alumni of Babson College and Simmons College Graduate School of Library Science. From the classroom to the boardroom and even beyond, Goby has found its perfect home in Boston.

To test out Goby for yourself, visit

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