Second Glass Wine Riot Brings Wine Back to Earth

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Second Glass Wine Riot 2010

Wine Riot Hits the South End

If you haven’t made it to one of the Second Glass Wine Riot events in the last couple of years you will get another chance as the Second Glass brings the wine tasting event back to the South End at the Boston’s Center for the Arts.  It happens this weekend October 22 and 23rd.  This has proven to be a very popular event that brings the joy of wine drinking to the masses.

Wine drinking has historically been looked at as something for the rich and/or sophisticated.  I have been a wine drinker since my mid twenties but never had the guts to ask questions that would allow me to appreciate it more.  It always seemed that people would look down on you so I would pick what everyone else was picking.  As I grew older I did explore more and even ventured into the area of white wine which was always a mystery to me but I always thought I still needed a Wine Drinking for Dummies type of book.

If you like wine and what to learn more and try more the Second Glass Wine Riot is for you.  With “Crash Courses” offered from Friday night to the second day on Saturday you will find that no question is a dumb question.  The organizers of the Wine Riot want everyone to feel comfortable and explore without hesitation.

The last Wine Riot was in April and the organizers added a mobile website that is accessible via most smart phones (IPhone, Droid…).  The mobile website allows you to vote on your favorite wines and store the wines you vote on in a My Wines section.  This will help you find the wines you like when you are at a liquor store or a restaurant.  The site can be found at .  Last year one of our writers talked about missing out on this because she didn’t have an IPhone at the time.

As of this writing tickets are still available at the Wine Riot Website where you can buy tickets online.  They also mentioned that they will sell tickets at the door while they last.  If you are sure you are going to be able to make it I would vote for buying them online.  Tickets range from $45 to $55 depending on when you go.  Admission includes being able to sample between 250 wines as well as access to the crash course seminars on wine…

Here is a video from the April 2010 Wine Riot from WBUR.  It gives you a nice feel for what to expect if this is your first one:

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