Soledad O’Brien Delivers at CWE Gala in Boston

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This past Saturday I was fortunate to attend the 2010 CWE (Center for Women & Enterprise) Annual Fund Raising Dinner which took place in Boston’s Seaport Hotel.  The Keynote Speaker this year was Soledad O’Brien, the CNN reporter with a history here in Boston.

If you have not attended one of these before you may think she was the only entertainment.  Paul Zekos returned as the auctioneer.  Not only does he do a great job of raising money through his auction skills but he also goes so far as to stand on tables as he moves around the room to bid up the prices on what this year was 16 Live Auction items.  This year was another record breaker with one item going at or above $30,000.  It was a custom sailing trip to either the Caribbean or the Mediterranean for 6 people with no blackout dates.

The Center for Women & Enterprise has the following mission:

CWE’s mission is to empower women to become economically self-sufficient and prosperous through entrepreneurship.

I also attended last year’s Auction and Gala and I have to say the stories of how CWE helps women rise to face challenges through entrepreneurship are truly moving.  In today’s economy it has become even more important to provide options outside of the normal job market.  The training and resources that CWE provides is needed more today than ever before.  Even with the success of the Auction both money, volunteers and resources continue to be needed as more and more women gravitate toward entrepreneurship not only as a choice but as a necessity.

Soledad O’Brien gave a speech that both inspired to think about problems and solutions in different ways as well as to be a participant in solving the problems of the world instead of being just a bystander.  She quoted the Dante Quote that was said to be a favorite of President Kennedy:

Dante once said that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.

She also share various stories about her reporting in places like Haiti.  The stories about her career and the challenges she faced as a minority and a women were particularly relevant since the advice she got from her mother was basically “to move past them and persevere”(I am paraphrasing).  Soledad graduated from Harvard and did much of her early broadcast work here in Boston, starting out at WBZ TV.

If you are a woman looking for more options or someone who can contribute time, money or knowledge please visit the CWE website.  They have offices in Boston, Worcester and Providence.

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