Boston Boil Order Lifted BUT…

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Governor Patrick Lifts Boil Order Courtesy of NECN

Yay!  The boil order that has been affecting 2 million people in Massachusetts including Boston has been lifted (except for the town of Saugus).  Though in reality we are very lucky that it only has taken this long to fix the water problem I for one can not believe how relieved I am.

KEEP IN MIND!  You need to do certain things to be able to drink the water and use the water as you used to.  The primary thing is to flush all of the pipes/faucets for specific amounts of time.  Details can be found on the site here.  Even more details can be found on the MWRA site here.

I admit until you go through something like this you do not appreciate the importance of water in our lives.  I personally would like to thank the inventor of the dish washer.  After boiling water and washing and rinsing dishes it brought back bad memories of my youth.  Doing dishes was part of our “chores” and I don’t remember it being sooooo time consuming.

All joking aside this incident has brought to light how vulnerable we can be.  Though the part of the pipe that gave way in Weston was relatively new it was attached to a 60 year old pipe.  Everywhere we turn we are bumping into infrastructure problems that are made worse by a slow economy that can not support the taxes to rebuild or repair critical parts of our infrastructure.

In the press conference lifting the boil water order Governor Patrick pointed out that it is not constructive to get angry but he is sending dive teams out to find the coupling that was swept into the Charles River to see if they can figure out what caused the problem.  We need to do this not just to hold someone accountable for this multi-million dollar emergency but to see if we are at risk elsewhere in the system.

For now I think we should all breathe a sigh of relief and figure out how we all need to be more prepared for emergencies such as these.  On my house we’ve made a great start on our emergency preparedness water supply.  Our relatives from outside the boil order zone came to the rescue with enough water for weeks.

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