Boston Globe won’t be free online

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Rupert Murdoch, owner of media giant News Corp, announced earlier this week that almost all online versions of his publications will begin charging fees for access.  Soon after, Globe publisher P. Steven Ainsley stated that would follow suit, and is set to begin charging readers fees to view the site’s content.

Murdoch’s newspapers have been struggling to gain revenue in an age of free online content,  losing 203 million dollars in the recent quarter. Most news sites try to earn money through ads rather than subscription fees, and Murdoch says that to stay viable, his papers need to start charging people for a read.

Still, online readers are used to getting their information for free, and if a fee is implemented, they will likely flock to free sites, meaning a drop in readership and therefore a drop in ad revenue. Those who once turned to for news may just go to the Herald’s site,, or the myriad of other websites provided by local broadcast stations.

Globe spokesperson Bob Powers says “It’s going to happen one way or another,” and that the publication is “looking at several different options.”

The Globe is still up for sale, so new owners could mean a new strategy, by for the time being, get your Globe while its free.

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