Boston Med Showcases City’s Medical Icons

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It’s not too late to catch up on the latest Boston based TV show.  Boston area hospitals have always been considered icons of the best in global medicine.  This Thursday continues the saga of a new 8 part series on ABC entitled “Boston Med”.  It takes an up close look at the workings of 3  of those hospitals from the perspective of  a “Reality TV” lens.  You don’t really need to catch up per se since each of the shows focuses on specific cases and doctors.  The series was filmed in Boston over 4 months at Mass General, Brigham and Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

I tried to catch the first few episodes but couldn’t see them all.  Thankfully you can watch the first 4 episodes on ABC online.  The first deals with a double lung transplant.  The second deals with a baby who has a serious heart defect that needs surgery.  The third deals with a very complicated brain surgery and the 4th episode deals with “hazing” some of the interns.  It appears the most cutting edge coverage of the face transplant will be coming in upcoming episodes.  It definitely brings out the range of emotions brought about by very stressful situations.

If you miss Grey’s Anatomy or ER this show is for you.  Though graphic at times it does show the human side of dealing with life and death situations.  Careers in medicine are in high demand so many folks are considering being nurses and doctors and technicians.  Watching a show like this definitely does a better job of showing the reality of the medical profession versus the non reality TV shows.  It does show some of the nurses and doctors in a personal settings so there definitely is some less stressful life drama as well.

Having my primary care physician at Massachusetts General and my children delivered at Brigham and Women’s and my children’s pediatrician overlooking Children’s Hospital I can’t help but feel very lucky to be living around such world class hospitals.

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