Boston mob man ‘Whitey’ Bulger ordered to pay $15 million

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Whitey-BulgerFugitive Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger has been on the lamb for quite some time. Some people claim he’s dead, some say he’s in Italy, others have sworn to see him walking his dog on the shore. Some people loosely based movies off him. Either way its a mystery.

So what is a Massachusetts judge doing ordering Bulger to fork over 15 million dollars?

Well, dear reader, it all started in 1981, with the brutal murdering Debra Davis.

See, Bulger had this crony by the name of Stephen “the rifleman” Flemmi, and the dearly departed Debra Davis was Flemmi’s former flame. Becoming the sweetheart of a guy nickname ‘rifleman” probably wasn’t the best idea, but then again, they say we don’t choose who we fall in love with. Anyway, the two apparently grew a little too close for the mobs comfort, and she was presumably killed because of all the information she had learned about the mob.

Flash forward to 2009. In comes Judge Patrick Brady, who just recently found Flemmi and Bulger liable for the woman’s death, and has now ordered each of them to pay $15 million to the family of the (then) 26-year-old woman.

Flemmi, who is currently serving a life sentence for 10 murders, was also ordered to pay $3 million for molesting Davis’ little sister. And for good measure, Brady added another $500,000 to Flemmi’s total for inflicting emotional distress on the girl’s mother.

But here’s the problem: The surviving sister and mother have both died. Bulger, who should be 80 by now, remains on the lamb,  and Flemmi, serving life in jail, has little or no assets to pay to up.

The money, if it ever were to materialize, would go to the remaining Davis family members. But seeing as one guy is in jail and the other is incognito, we’re probably just as likely to find Bulger walking the shore as we are to see his money in court.

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