Boston Red Sox – Oh the Pain!

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When the Red Sox can’t even pull out a win this year with Beckett on the mound we know that something is terribly wrong.  As a Boston sports fan it has been painful to watch the deterioration of a team that was supposed to make it into the playoffs by winning the division quite handily.  The frustration is evident in the players and culminated with the fans booing the Red Sox off the field after last night’s loss against the Orioles.

Though we are the “City of Champions” there are definitely plenty of us who remember the darker days of Boston Sports where we were always so close but yet so far.  We have become spoiled but there is always that seed of hope inside every Red Sox fan.  Let’s face it the Bruins were in similar circumstances with injured players on the edge of elimination.

As likely as it is that we will not make the playoffs it is also likely that once we are there things will turn around and all of the Boston Red Sox players will play to their full potential.  Beckett should probably have been taken out after the 7th but given the burden the bullpen has had with some of the starting pitchers not carrying their weight I can see why Francona decided to keep him in.

The frightening part of this September slide is that besides injuries there doesn’t seem to be an answer to some of the recent poor performance of some of the rest of the Red Sox.

Here is a video of NESN Nation’s Fitzy who personifies what many of the Red Sox fans are feeling.  It may also make you laugh, at this point we all need to lighten up and hope the Sox can make to the playoffs one more year…

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