Delay In Report Of Newton Bus Stop Attack Angers Many

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The news that an 18 year old woman was assaulted at a Newton bus stop has angered many, and not just because the attack is yet another incident of violence against women in the Commonwealth. Even more troubling is the fact that the Newton Police Department failed to report the incident for a full week after it occurred.  The Newton Police Department reported the incident on Monday, October 19th, yet the incident actually happened almost a week before, on October 12th. The young woman was waiting for the bus at the corner of Centre and Church Streets at 5:30 PM. It was then a pale man with shoulder length hair drove up beside her and encouraged her to get in. When she didn’t comply, he attempted to physically maneuver her into the car. According to WHDH, he grabbed her shoulders while asking “if she wanted to ****.”  With nobody there to assist her in defending herself, the victim ran away and was able to hail a cab.

In between the date of the incident’s occurrence and the time when the Newton Police reported it, the victim has seen the same man who assaulted her on the 13th driving by the bus stop while honking his horn and waving several times. The victim was lucky enough to be able to escape after the initial attack, but the fact that her attacker has returned is even more frightening. If the Newton Police department is aware that is occurring, why aren’t they monitoring the bus stop and surrounding area? The victim’s recollection of the incident is spotless, down to the fact that her attacker has an Obama sticker on the bottom right corner of his vehicle. Her experience should be a tool for the NPD so similar incidents can be avoided in the future.

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