Dirty Water News joins Boston’s free-paper fray

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Newcomer Dirty Water News is slated to start circulating its “lifestyle and entertainment” paper around Boston this month, and their new site recently went live.

The paper comes from the makers of a similar paper on Martha’s Vineyard called This Week On MV. They describe themselves as “a lifestyle and entertainment newspaper that’s going to be a great addition to local Boston media.” They go on to list the usually feature fare they will be covering, like articles about restaurants, sports, and events.

They’ve also been out on the T handing out copies to commuters.

Dirty Water News however will be competing with the likes of the Phoenix and Dig, as well as the awesome blogs that Boston already has running. Between the established papers and the fast, quick-fix blog outlets, Dirty Water News may need to up its game.

Point and case: savvy readers and commenters over at Universal Hub have already combed the site to point out the numerous grammatical errors and the team’s inherent need for an editor.

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