How Will You Remember Boston’s Leonard Nimoy?

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Photo by Gage Skidmore

Photo by Gage Skidmore

I have been a longtime Star Trek fan so of course Leonard Nimoy‘s death(reported today) comes with more than it’s share of sadness for the death of a well known celebrity.  Beyond that I have also had a level of pride for the fact that he was born and raised in Boston.

As a child I remember thinking that Spock was so cool.  His logic and control of his emotion was something that I often aspired to.  It seemed he was born to play Spock and of course that will probably what he will be most remembered for but I am not sure whether that is my strongest memory.

There are few voices that are so distinctive.  Besides Nimoy’s the ones that jump to mind are Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones.  For those of us in Boston and those that may have visited the Museum of Science you may remember his distinctive voice welcoming you the “The Mugar Omni Theatre”.  It has been a while since I have been there so I don’t know if they are still running the intro as well as the documentary about New England that he narrates but I have to say that is what I will remember him most for, his distinctive voice and his pride for New England.

I want to thank YouTuber 2HHB for actually filming this just for this moment.  He recorded not only the intro “Who Put the Bomp” but also the New England Time Capsule short film that Leonard Nimoy narrated.  Though there is some background noise it is definitely good enough to bring the memories back..

Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy…

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