Miami bound Boston flight frisked after bomb threat

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An American Airlines flight headed to Miami out of Boston yesterday was delayed after a hand written bomb threat was found, causing passengers to be evacuated

The passengers were transferred to another plane headed to Miami as authorities emptied the planes contents. Police used bomb sniffing dogs to clear the aircraft and passenger luggage was searched as well.

A spokesman for Massport, the company that operates the airport, said the plane was found to be safe.

The plane came into Logan Airport from Dallas and had a half hour lay-over before continuing to Miami. During the pre-boarding process, a flight attendant found “Bomb on board, Boston-Miami” written on a cabinet in the bathroom.

Another Boston-Miami flight suffered a similar hold-up a couple weeks ago, when authorities  found a similar threat in the bathroom, forcing the plane to return to Miami after it had taken off.

Investigators say they are looking into a possible connection between the two bathroom bluffs

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