Mind the Gap: Woman gets foot trapped in Subway

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Have you ever been on the subway after work, and just as you’ re ready to get off your stop a flock of people rush in, forcing you to struggle out  through the door and on to the platform? Ever cringe thinking about what would happen if you got stuck somewhere between that mass of metal and oil? What if you weren’t as speedy? Could you ever actually get stuck trying to exit the door, moments before the Red Line squeals away?

Apparently the answer is yes, yes you can. And it sucks.

The Boston Fire Department responded around 11:15 a.m today to an accident involving a woman whose foot became stuck between the platform and the train. It took place at the Red Line’s Park Street Station, and luckily the driver caught news of it before grinding away down the tracks. The incident caused a 22 minute delay to the Line, but everyone watching was probably too empathetic to complain. Seriously, I think I’ve had that nightmare before.

Rescuers were able to extricate the woman’s foot by using some weird airbag contraptions to dislodge the foot. She was taken to Tufts Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Steve MacDonald, a spokesperson for the Fire Department, says this kind of mishap doesn’t happen often.

“This is kind of a freak accident,” MacDonald said. “I cannot recall this ever happening…”

Mmm… maybe we’ll just ride our bikes anyway.

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